The Coalition arrests a Daesh cell in Ash-Shahil town through a landing operation

This evening, an international coalition military force carried out a landing operation on a house in Ash-Shahil town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

As for the details of the operation, D24 correspondent said that from two US apache helicopter, a group of the American forces carried out a landing operation on a house in Ash-Shahil town, and that was in support of a ground attack by American Hummer and Hilux 4×4 vehicles.

Our correspondent added:

“The operation targeted displaced people from Al-Baghuz town, staying in “Majid Al-Salameh Al-Ahdab’s” house in Ash-Shahil town, and the preliminary information indicates that the people who were arrested in the operation are leaders from Daesh fled Al-Baghuz village”

it is noteworthy that the day before this landing, an operation by unidentified gunmen targeted one of the SDF’s oil tankers in Ash-Shahil town, which resulted in the killing of the driver and the spilling of the oil from the tanker “the whale”, which led to a large security alert in the ranks of the SDF to know the whereabouts of the sleeper cells which carry out such operations.

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