The Displaced In Hajin IDP Camp Continue To Suffer As Their Situation Is Being Ignored

Written by deirezzor24

SDF established Hajin IDP cam in the eastern countryside to house civilians feeling Daesh-held pocket, The number of people living in the camp has reached more than 1200, mostly women and children.

According to local sources, SDF are preventing the displaced from leaving the camp unless they provide a guarantor. It is impossible to find guarantors in SDF-held areas.

Regarding the living conditions, the camp lacks most basic needs, including medicines and medical points.

The Hajin IDP camp is located in the desert, which increases the sufferings of the displaced as water and electricity are unavailable. 

On the other hand, the displaced have appealed to humanitarian organizations to deliver some basic needs or to pressure SDF to allow them leaving the camp for other areas such as Hasakah city and the countryside of Deir Ezzor.