The International Coalition Carried out a Landing Operation in west of Deir Ezzor, killing high-ranking Daesh commanders

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On Thursday, the International Coalition executed an anti-Daesh landing operation in west of Deir Ezzor.



A D24 correspondent stated that ‘Two coalition helicopters airdropped soldiers in the Hamat Al-Tabani area in west of Deir Ezzor.”


He added, ‘The operation lasted for around a half an hour during which they targeted a Jeep car belonging to the organization, killing those inside.”


Eyewitnesses confirmed to D24 that the car was carrying high-ranking Daesh commanders.


Since the launching of the landing operation, Daesh has been on an extreme high altert  in the towns of Maadan and Al-Tabani, establishing several checkpoints and intensifying their patrols.