The International Coalition carries out a targeted operation in Suweidan Jazeera town and arrests a group of Daesh elements.

Written by D24

An international coalition military force carried out an air drop operation on a house in Suweidan Jazeera town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

D24 correspondent said:

Elements of the international coalition carried out a military air drop from helicopters on a house in Suweidan Jazeera where a number of Daesh elements were hiding.

The reporter added:

The air drop operation resulted in the arrest of four foreign elements from Daesh of Tunisian nationality and one Syrian national from Al-Quriyah city in Deir Ezzor countryside.

Our correspondent confirmed that the house, where Daesh elements were holed up, contained explosive devices and materials used for explosives, which indicate that the cell was involved in the planning of bombings in the area.

Our correspondent continued:

After combing the house, it was targeted with several missiles which led to its complete destruction.

It is indicated that as the fighting between the coalition and the SDF on one side and Daesh on the other is coming to an end, the coalition and the SDF have intensified security operations in the SDF-held territory to capture Daesh cells deployed in the area.