The International Coalition: “Our strikes on Daesh paralyzed its propaganda cells”

Written by D24

Yesterday “Thursday”, the International Coalition released a statement about its military operations against Daesh in Syria. The coalition said in its statement that its warplanes launched precision strikes on positions belonging to Daesh, east of the Euphrates.

The coalition statement said “During the week from 23 to 29 December, the International Coalition hit Daesh fighters, media cells, and a general service building as part of the Operation Roundup, in the campaign to defeat Daesh in the middle Euphrates river valley region, and these precision strikes and fires have further reduced Daesh’s diminshed propaganda cells, the Coalition has carried many strikes on Daesh media cells, which reduced its communication capabilities by approximately 45 percent since September 2018.”

Brigadier-General David Doyle, the Coalition’s director of joint operations said: “degradation of Daesh in both Iraq and Syria is directly reflected in the decline of its media operations.”

Recently, the international coalition has intensified its airstrikes on Daesh positions east of the Euphrates, and the strikes are part of Al-Jazeera storm operation launched by the SDF to expel Daesh from its last pockets east of the Euphrates.