The killing of a girl-child in Al-Hawayej village generates a state of tension

Written by D24

A young girl was killed today, Friday, in Al-Hawayej village east of Deir Ezzor, after she was hit in the head by shrapnel when an IED exploded in one of the town’s streets, D24 network correspondent said.

Our correspondent pointed out that an explosion occurred this afternoon in Al-Hawayej village near the cemetery, on the side leading to Ash-Shahil town, the explosion was caused by an IED targeting a vehicle belonging to the SDF.

Our correspondent noted that the IED exploded after the car had passed about 50 meters away from it.

The correspondent said that there were injuries after a patrol of the SDF opened random fire to disperse the crowd of civilians in the area of the explosion.

It is indicated that there were a state of tension in Al-Hawayej village after the incident as the SDF opened random fire at the civilians.