The Levant Front falsified the facts and published lies



One of  Levant Front’s detainees who appeared in its anti ISIS video recently was a civilian named Anas al Alwan who fled Deir Ezzor after ISIS gained control over the province.


Anas went missing in Bab al Salam border crossing as he was heading towards Turkey .His family contacted the Levant Front that denied to have his name on its list of detainees.

After a period of time  Anas al Alwan appeared as “ISIS prisoner” in a video published by the Levant Front itself.


It should be reminded that Anas joined the Syrian revolution as it began in the early spring of 2011,he took part in the peaceful uprising and he is not affiliated with any factions .



Photo : Anas al Alwan from the neighbohood of al Baajin in the city of Deir Ezzor
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