The meeting of Al-Akidat tribe elders in Ash-Shahil issues a statement to the international coalition and the SDF

Written by D24

A tribal meeting of representatives of Al-Akidat tribe in the region was held today in Ash-Shahil town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

This meeting followed the developments in the region, represented by the people’s movement that took place against the SDF practices and policies in the region, and the bloody repression and the massacres the SDF carried out with air support of the coalition, as in Daman, Ash-Shahil, and Al-Shaitat.

The tribe elders discussed the recent developments and the demands of the peaceful protesters. At the end of the meeting, they issued a statement confirming the unity of Al-Akidat tribe and rejecting the division of the tribe between the east and west of the Euphrates.

The statement read:

In the name of Al-Akidat tribe and my self “Sheikh Rashid al-Hafel” and from here from the Euphrates land as a unified land:

We do not accept dividing the tribe between the East and West of the Euphrates.

Considering what the tribe has gone through since the beginning of the revolution until now of change of control, starting with the Free Army, then Daesh and Al-Nusra organizations, and ending with the SDF supported by the international coalition controlling the eastern Euphrates, and Russia, Iran, militias and the Assad’s regime controlling the west of the Euphrates.

We point out that we proceed from the tribe’s perspective and do not belong to any organizations or outside parties.

Our demands are :

  1. We call on the international coalition to hand over the control of the Arab areas to their people, in the same way as the Kurds.
  2. We call for the release of the detainees who were arrested under malicious reports.
  3. We call for the immediate cessation of arbitrary arrests.
  4. We call for the release of people from the camps, especially women and children.
  5. We demand the annexation of the west of the Euphrates to the east of the Euphrates and the expulsion of the Iranian and Russian forces and we are ready to cooperate with the international coalition to complete that as we have the military, political, security and administrative qualifications.