The project of Shi’sim in Deir Ezzor from its root to the peak (DeirEzzor24 exclusive report)

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The attempts to spread Shi’sm in Deir Ezzor are not new, as they have a long history dating back to the 1980s. Attempts began by settling followers of the Shi’a sect in Deir Ezzor. Here, it noteworthy to state a name of which many of the people of Deir Ezzor are not aware because it has been concealed for several years : Omar Hammadi, a volunteer in Assad’s forces who served in one of the military branches in Deraa province, where he coordinated with the Iranians and agreed with them to move to Deir Ezzor and form a base of the Shiites.  After a while, he returned to his village after he was offered by the Assad regime the adequate money and tools to attain his mission.

Upon his arrival in the area, he called to the Shi’a beliefs his cousin and brother-in-law Yassin al-Mayouf, who was known in the village and occupied a social center for him. He convinced him of the Shi’a and the latter meet the call immediately and embraced the Shiite sect. Then, they began following the order of ‘Hamadi’ who was an intermediary between Yassin and Iran.

Then, another man from the village joined the Shi’a,. Hussein al-Raja. He is a relative of Yassin Al-Mayouf  who is a mouthpiece of Shi’a in the region, especially due to his position as  the head of the branch of Imam Al-Murtadah  association in Deir Ezzor, which had been established by Jamil Al-Assad,  the brother of Hafiz al-Assad at the time, under the direction of Iran. The association was operated under a civilian cover to spread the doctrine of Shi’a among the Syrians.

In the same period, a family came to Deir Ezzor from Idlib from the village of Nabel known as “Shaabouneh”. The family later adopted Shia beliefs and began calling people to them. The Syrian revolution revealed that the family of this family after the speed of its members to belong to the Shiite militias and take up arms to stand up to the rebels who had become a threat to them, and the section of the photographer, which was published several months ago, which shows the “Zine El Abidine Mohsen Shaabouna” Son of Mohsen Chaabouna, chanting sectarian slogans ‘ We will burn Damascus and take the revenge of the descendants of the Umayyad’ is a best proof of the involvement of this family in the project of Shi’sm since the nineties of the last century.

These people were the first building blocks for the spread of Shiism in Deir Ezzor under the guidance of Iran and coordination of the Assad regime, which facilitated their work and offered them the privileges that serve their mission.

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