The road of death between the SDF and Daesh

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Since Daesh closed the roads leading to areas outside its control, civilians have been searching for ways to flee Daesh imposed rule and airstrikes.


Many civilians were killed in Al-Dashisha area and surroundings due to the landmines which Daesh planted in them to prevent people from fleeing its held areas.


After the organization announced the imposition of its forced conscription program in most areas in Deir Ezzour, hundreds of youths have fled, which led the organization to set up minefields in areas separating its controlled territory from the SDF and claiming that they were doing it to impede the SDF from advancing. This led to the killing of dozens of civilians in a short period. It also began targeting civilian gathering at SDF-operated checkpoints. Daesh also executed some of its affiliates who facilitated and held some civilians to flee from Daesh-held areas.


The amount of money paid to smugglers has increased.


Today, many civilians have been killed and wounded due to the explosion of a landmine at the crossroad of Abu Khashab which is located between the administrative border of Hasakah and Deir Ezzor. It took place after three vehicles, which were carrying displaced families, most of whom were from Al-Bukamal, triggered a landmine on its way to SDF-held areas.


The SDF transported the wounded from the Abu Khashab area to the Hikmah Hospital in the city of Al-Hasakah.

Names of the killed:

Mohamed Rabi Hazaa

Mahya Al Jarbu’

Ibn Hashim Al Awr

Walid Khaled Mahmod Rashid

Muhssin Daar Naif