The SDF Are On High Security Alert in Deir Ezzor Countryside, Amidsts Fears Of The Launching of Forced Conscrption

Written by deirezzor24

The SDF have been n high security alert in their controlled areas of Deir Ezzor countryside.

Local activits have indicatd that the SDF have reinforced their positions in the northern countryside and established around 15 checkpoints between Ku al Sur and Ku’ and Al Atal in east of the Khabur River. In addition, they set up 11 military points in some villages in the aforesaid areas, mainly in the Namliyah, Al-Hariji, Dib Al-Fal , Al Sajr, Daman and Mashikh.

They also set up checkpoints near some schools and civilian homes in the west of the Khabur river.

The local civilians are beign thoroughly inspected at the aforesaid chckpoints, which have created a state of dissatisfaction with the SDF, amidst fears of the launching of forced conscription program in those villages.