The second version of Daesh.. after the US president’s decision to withdraw his troops from Syria!

Written by D24

As usual and unexpectedly, US President Donald Trump surprised the entire world when he tweeted that he would withdraw the US troops on Syrian territory and even in a hurry. Surprisingly within a short period, he sold out his closest ally, whom he had adopted for several years to fight Daesh “The Kurds”, who were surprised by their ally the United States of America, represented by its president when he announced a decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, and even identified an anticipated time for that.

The Kurds, in their first reaction, put it as a stab in the back and also described it as a betrayal, “because how could an ally like the United States abandon us so quickly”, this is what was understood by the Kurdish side represented by the SDF.

What many people do not know are the secret differences that took place days ago between the United States and the SDF, when the Americans decided to consensus and satisfy the Turkish side with regard to the internationally agreed observation points, and in addition theTurkish pressure on the Americans continues in an attempt to end the sustainable partnership between the SDF and the Americans,It seems at first glance that the Turks have already succeeded in the first of these steps after the US president announced today to withdraw his troops from Syria in a short period.

In return to the Kurdish-American discord, it was caused by the fact that the Americans wanted to bring in elements of the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga who were even ready with their equipment and weapons, and the first agreed group was not more than a few dozen and later other groups may reach more than 500 fighters from Peshmerga, and during the American discussion with SDF on this point, the United States of America was confronted with a backlash and a direct refusal about the entering of any element of peshmerga or other elements from outside Syria.

The Americans for a few days tried so hard but they didn’t come to a conclusion. This was probably the reason why the US president decided to withdraw the American troops from Syria and make room for other international parties on the ground, including Turkey and Russia, which was welcomed by the Russians.

No one believed the US president when he stated that Daesh was over and that the United States mission was to eliminate Daesh. But that would not be much different from the policy of the former US President Barack Obama, who for many times, threatened the Assad regime and warned him not to cross the red lines, even when Assad used the chemical weapon In 2012-2013, Obama did not take any action. Today the same picture is found in another scenario by President Trump when he says that Daesh is over and has completely forgotten that the basis of Daesh was among scattered rebel factions and later, because of international irresponsibility and lack of seriousness to eliminate that organisation, Daesh was able to establish itself and even expand its hold until it dominated extensive areas possibly equivalent to that of Great Britain.

Daesh is pleased with this American decision to withdraw its forces and will seriously work to use it as a victory for it and its elements which has collapsed and lost hundreds of fighters and lost all its military and human power, despite the few remaining pockets in the region, but what the United States has missed is that the organisation will rise from those remaining pockets and re-attak again, and maybe we will see geographical progress on the side of Daesh which may tip the scales and alter the military equation east of Deir Ezzor, but is it some thing to expect that Russia and Iran would also participate in eastern Euphrates after the Americans withdrawal ? Will the entire area be handed over to the Assad regime as if Zaid did not invade?