The story of a displaced civilian from Deir Ezzor

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And does the smart patches the breach with a breach ?


This is the case of Abu Farhan, as if the poet Abu al-Ataheeh was looking at him when he wrote this poetic line. Abu Farhan, father of a family of nine, is from the  the village of Shula south of the city Deir Ezzor.


Abu Farhan has been living a bitter displacement story for months, beginning in the ninth month of last year, following the military campaign of the Assad forces with Russian air cover on the city of Deir Ezzor.


Abu Farhan was forced to leave his house, upon which he spent much of His incomes to build it, and an olive grove that was his only outlet to nature in a desert environment.


Abu Farhan went on his first journey towards the city of Al-Mayadeen with memories that were hard to forget, with a herd of sheep that had been a source of livelihood for him and a profession he had practiced since his youth.


He spent a short time in the fields, until he had the opportunity to cross into the village of Diban by means of a night-time river barge. The cost of the crossing was 200,000 Syrian Pounds, forcing him to sell half of his flock to pay the cost.


After the arrival of Abu Farhan in the village of Dhiban, he was arrested by Daesh Hisbah members  , on charges of going to the land of the infidels.

Abu Farhan says: I stayed in prison for more than twenty days during which the members of the hisbah threatened him with execution.

Abu Farhan had remained in prison until coalition warplanes struck a security center next to the prison, which caused a state of panic among Daesh affiliates in the region. After the strike, those hisbah members left the prison and left the detainees locked inside.


After the fleeing of the members, the prisoners started screaming and hitting the doors. One of the locals headed to the prison gate and opened it for them.  As a result, Abu Farhahn and other detainees managed to get out of the prison of Hisbah in that village.

Abu Farhan said: “My exit was like a miracle. Then I went to inspect my family and my family. After reassurance, I told them to prepare themselves to leave the organization’s control areas.”


Under the cover of the night, Abu Farhan and his family went out with a smuggler who was dealing with the organization, in order to transfer them to the village of Al-Ezba in the northern village of Deir Al-Zour, in return for 150,000 pounds. The family secured them after selling another part of their flock of sheep.


Two days later, he arrived at al-Ezba village. Unfortunately for Abu Farhan, he and his sons were besieged by an armed group on the one hand and a body on the other for a month because of the clashes between the two sides inside the village.


After the siege for a month, the forces of Qusd entered the village of Al-Ezba, prompting Abu Farhan and his family to go to the western countryside. As he left, he stopped at a checkpoint under the pretext that there was no personal evidence.


The detention of Abu Farhan for hours, and did not leave the elements of his body only after he gave up some of his sheep, as a bribe to the elements of the barrier in exchange for facilitating the crossing.


After the arrival, Abu Farhan’s family settled in the village of Safira village in the western suburb of Deir al-Azzur, which is home to dozens of families who fled from areas south of the Euphrates River after Assad’s forces advanced and took control of the area.


Abu Farhan and his family live in tragic conditions inside the camp, which was set up randomly. There is no water, no electricity, no medicine, even the cleanliness inside it is completely non-existent.


Abu Farhan was forced to sell his flock to his family and sent one of his sons to work in Turkey to help him secure the family’s life requirements.


The situation of Abu Farhan, the situation of hundreds of thousands of Syrians displaced by bombings and death, which affected their cities and towns, but as the rest waiting for the day he returns home without fear, in order to live with his family in peace.