Thousands Of Civilians Are Stuck In Death Trap In Hajin City

Written by deirezzor24

The sky is raining with warmth, lava of different types and sizes, all of which have similar purpose, which is the elimination of all those living on this isolated spot of the planet.

Abu Mahmoud spoke on WhatsApp application with one of his relatives in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside regarding the tragedy they have been experiencing for months in the town of Al-Sussah near the town of Hajin and the village of Al-Baghuz, which is the last Daesh’s stronghold in Deir Ezzor.

The fifties man adds:

“Our life now is an escape attempt. Whoever is lucky enough to survive the the Coalition’s missiles and the missiles that hit our heads from every direction , he must try not to starve or even die of thirst. Food items have been unavailable for more than fourteen days “

The causes and death of thousands of besieged civilians from Deir Ezzor are caught between the hammer of an oppressive organization, the Coalition, as well as Iranian militias and Assad forces.

More than 30,000 civilians from Deir Ezzor  in the towns of Hajin, Al-Sussah and Baghuz are being used by the organization as human shields to put pressure on other parties in the battle. They practice their sadistic hobby of killing with ready-made charges, The organization is not ashamed to broadcast the recordings, which include the killing of a number of them to send messages to its enemies that its spilling of blood has not been affected by recent heavy blows.

Death of starvation, one of the weapons placed on the necks of the besieged, the SDF and the Coalition have been preventing  the entry of food and medicines to Daesh-held pocket for nearly 90 days, ignoring the presence of thousands of children and civilian women, whose only guilt is being a resident in the province which has become an arena for settling international scores.

Abu Mahmoud says:

“For more than a month, we live on crumbs of bread when available, and we economize on drinking water. Access to drinking water requires days and days of waiting because of the continuous shelling. For several days we ate the grass because of the lack of flour and the lack of bread and the absence of houses. Grass was our only way to continue breathing. “

In their alleged war on terror, the International Coalition and the SDF consider the local civilian populations as legitimate targets for the achievement of their goals. They are targeting hospitals and mosques and perpetrating one massacre after another by targeting the simple rural houses using various types of munitions. They are also depriving them of food, medicine and drink, whichis the best proof of their legitimacy to kill the sons of Deir Ezzor who are living under the brutal rule of the organization.

They have no way to escape from the quagmire filled with death and surrounding them from all sides, Abu Mahmoud says:

“Escape from death here is impossible. If you can escape from the clutches of the organization, you may be prey to the minefields planted by it in surrounding areas. This is  a prison for us. The only solution is to have thousands of dollars and know about one of the elements of the organization, then it would be possible to escape this inevitable death “

And the victim is the same, thousands of children are trapped in a state of fear and panic, with severe food shortages and complete denial of medicine and vaccines against epidemics, their families are in a state of despair and lack of The trick in light of this shameful silence of organizations working in the field of human rights and turned a blind eye by the international community for abuses that amount to the crimes against humanity committed by the American-led coalition and its arm, the SDF.