To improve the image in front of its loyalists… the Assad regime starts a campaign to combat theft in Al-Mayadeen city

Written by D24

Yesterday, Thursday, the Assad’s forces sent a military and security campaign to Al-Mayadeen city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside to combat chaos and looting in the city.

According to sources for D24 network, the campaign, which the Assad regime intends to launch, will include those who rob civilian homes, as well as other people wanted by the Assad regime.

The sources noted that the looting and theft are carried out by networks supported by the National Defense militia of the Assad forces, and the security forces cannot arrest any of them, so the Assad regime sent a military campaign to do that.

The sources added: the campaign will affect military figures in the National Defense and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the main goal of the campaign is to show the world and the people that the Assad’s forces are able to control security and restore normalcy.

He added that after the Assad’s forces took control of Al-Mayadeen city in late 2017, they arrested dozens of thieves, most of them are elements in the National Defense, but they released them two days later, on the pretext that they were innocent.

In this regard, a civilian living in the city told D24 network that the campaign is formalistic and it will not deter those perpetrating theft, they would be arrested for two or three days, and then come out to return to their daily work in robbery.

It should be indicated that the National Defense and the Assad’s forces have been running a network of thieves in Al-Mayadeen city, in addition to their work in dealing and selling drugs in Al-Mayadeen city and in all over the eastern countryside.