Villages and towns in Deir Ezzor countryside suffer from Daesh attacks .. while the SDF are asleep

Written by D24

Villages and towns in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, under the control of the SDF, suffer from increased activity of Daesh cells from time to time.

At the top of these villages is Darnaj village and Suweidan Jazeera town, which have witnessed more than 20 operations by the organization’s cells, who killed approximately 18 people in two months, 11 people of them were from Darnaj and Sweidan and the rest were from the neighboring towns ( Al-Shaitat and Abu Hardub).

The Youth Kh . M. From Darnaj village, who preferred to be unnamed for security reasons, told D24 network that the security chaos in Suweidan Jazeera and Darnaj reached an unbearable extent, as some of the assassinations carried out by Daesh active cells took place in broad daylight and in the village market, and after every time the masked assailants drive their vehicles heading to the badiyah.

The young man attributed the lack of security in his area and the activity of Daesh cells in Suweidan and Darnaj to the SDF’s negligence of the region after the many protests that took place against the SDF in the beginning of the current year, which led to poor security measures in the villages while the people are unable to protect their region as they have no arms.

The young man added:

In our region, nobody moves after sundown, fearing Daesh cells that went so far as to send death threats and place shrouds in front of the house of anyone who dare to insult the organization.

It is worth mentioning that assassinations in Darnaj, Suweidan, Al-Tayanah and Abu Hardub villages are frequent from time to time and all the signs point to Daesh cells being the one directly responsible for them.