What do the last meters from Al-Baghuz hold?

Written by D24

The existence of Daesh in Deir Ezzor is now limited to a few hundred metres in Al-Baghuz town, which has been turned into a conflict zone between the organization, the International Coalition and the SDF.

The last meters which have been left for Daesh hide a lot of stories, they will be as a black box for the organization, which has become the talk of the world in the recent years.

The last few meters hold hopes for families who lost their sons months or maybe years ago when the obscurantist organization arrested them and hid them in the darkness of the unknown.

In the last few meters, the mysterious secrets of the organization’s leaders will be revealed, and in these same meters, the myth about the organization, which has taken the skulls of Deir Ezzor’s people as steps to rise and there blood as drink to quench its barbaric thirst through its journey of building the desired methical fort, will fall down.

In the last few meters, the dark cloud of Daesh that has captivated Deir Ezzor province for five lean years will go away, and the sun of the province will rise again to predict a new beginning on the path of freedom.