White Shroud brigade returns and attacks ISIS in Albu Kamal

White Shroud brigade carried out a new attack against ISIS militants in one of their main strongholds in Deir Ezzor province (Albu Kamal) yesterday.


They attacked The school of Naswi and al Hijana in Albu Kamal city,Killing at least two ISIS militants and injuring 4 others.The clashes with light weapons between ISIS and White Shroud lasted for several minutes ,after that ISIS was on high alert and it imposed a tight security cordon in the city.

White Shroud is a group affiliated with FSA and it relies on guerrilla warfare tactics.
“Secrecy is the most important element of White Shroud’s work “,Abu Aboud, White Shroud leader.




Photo : White Shroud fighters in Albu Kamal city