Who is the responsible for the killing of dozens of civilians in Al-Baghuz east of Deir Ezzor?

When hundreds of Syrians, perhaps thousands, decided to join the terrorist organization of Daesh, they were only thinking about the fanciful positions, money and committing crimes under the umbrella of this Organization, which is hiding behind the robe of Islam, and it is known for all, that Islam is very far from what the organization, its elements, and its followers have done.

On 18 January 2019, warplanes, believed to belong to the international coalition, committed a massacre in Al-Baghuz village near Al-Bukamal city, killing more than 20 civilians documented by their trinomial names.

One week before Al-Baghuz massacre, the aircrafts of the international coalition were able to kill a prominent person from Daesh named Anas Al-Romaih, a local from Al-Quriyah city east of Deir Ezzor.

Anas joined Daesh from the beginning and did not care about civilian lives who lived in those areas and traded them until the warplanes bombed the place where those innocent families were, which resulted in killing them in 18 January.

Al-Romaih thought and believed that he would meet the virgins of the paradise as soon as he is killed at the hands of those whom the terrorist organization Daesh is hostile to, and he did not care about the innocent lives of the children and women who died because of him in that bombing later on, and of course this is not to take the charge of committing a massacre away from those who bombed that place and those who gave the coordinates of the place and were the key accomplices of that massacre, they all shared information about someone from Daesh that must be eliminated regardless of the innocent lives of children and women who have nothing to do with terrorism and its names, and died innocent with no guilt.

Deir Ezzor province is still paying a terrible price, with the lives of it’s people, at the hands of all the conflicting military parties in the region under the pretext of fighting terrorism, Daesh and its operatives are melting and leaving areas they have taken control of since 2014, but those military parties fighting the organization only care about achieving their claimed victory, conquering that terrorist organization, and returning the area to its people, but how can you return it to its people while most of the victims are civilians?

Daesh’s remaining pockets and speeding up the process of eliminating the organization, does not give you the right to increase the pace of killing against the people of Deir Ezzor province, thousands of them are still under the control of Daesh and are caught between the fires of Syria’s democratic forces known as “the SDF” and the fires of Daesh and its elements who control the fate of the civilians, preventing them from fleeing those battles and massacres.. Till when..? And how many lives is expected to be sacrificed from Deir Ezzor until the so-called “the elimination of Daesh” is “ostensibly” announced.

Written by: Omar Abu Layla
Deir Ezzour 24 Network, Executive Manager

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