Will SDF Resume Their Operations Against Daesh In The Eastern Deir Ezzor Countryside ?

Written by deirezzor24

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced two days ago a temporary cessation of the military operations against Daesh-held pocket in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor, the announcement was mentioned in an official statement issued by the SDF central command.

SDF attributed the reason for the suspension of the operations to the escalation of Turkish attacks on their positions in northern Syria, the most recent of which is the Turkish bombing on the positions of PYD in Tel Abyad on 30 October.

The cessation of operations against the organization in Deir Ezzor coincides with the losses suffered by SDF in their recent battles. This included the loss of several military positions and the killing of dozens of their manpower and the capture of other, in addition to losing large quantities of equipment and military vehicles.

The recent military losses of SDF have generated a state of confusion within their ranks. They held the Arab fighters, which dominate the manpower of the Jazzzera Storm Operation in Deir Ezzor, responsible for the defeat, which led to a state of dissatisfaction among the Arab manpower. The latter believe that they have been used as cannon fodders in the ongoing fighting against Daesh in the eastern countryside while the Kurdish fighters have remained at the back lines.

The organization intensified its operations against SDF in the past week, taking advantage of the dusty atmosphere that hit the area for several consecutive days,  which hampered Coalition airstrikes and weakened the military capabilities of SDF who are used to fight under intense air cover.

The state of confusion and despair among the ranks of SDF, which is due to the recent heavy losses in Deir Ezzor,  is the main reason that led to the announcement of the cessation of their battles in Deir Ezzor.