With photos and videos…. the smuggling of oil from the SDF areas to the Assad forces in Deir Ezzor is resumed again

Written by D24

D24 exclusive:

Today, Monday, D24 network received photos and videos, show the resumption of oil smuggling operations from the areas of the Syrian democratic forces to the areas of the Assad regime in the West Bank of the Euphrates River.

The photos show pipelines laid across the Euphrates River from Diban area in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside to the Assad regime, and the oil is transported from tanks through pipelines to Al-Mayadeen city in the left bank of the Euphrates River, which is controlled by the Assad’s forces and the Iranian militias.

Sources for D24 network indicated that the smuggling of oil stopped for about a week, following the campaign carried out by the international coalition and the SDF on the smuggling crossings, but today it was back the way it was, without any difficulties.

The sources noted that the smuggling is carried out by bringing the oil tanker lorries together in a large yard in Diban town east of Deir Ezzor, to upload the oil in the area, and then the smugglers transport the crude oil to the Assad regime.

The sources added that the smugglers install rudimentary pumps to transport the crude oil, and remove these pumps at the sunset, then resume their work in the next morning.

The international coalition has stressed the need to prevent smuggling oil to Assad’s areas and has launched several campaigns at the smuggling crossings, but every thing has returned to the way it was.

It is indicated that hundreds of crude oil barrels and its derivatives go to the Assad regime’s areas, particularly Al-Mayadeen and Buqruss crossings east of Deir Ezzor.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian democratic Forces and the international coalition control all the oil fields in eastern Euphrates, that are considered some of the most important and the best fields in Syria.