Years have passed since Daesh was defeated…. Deir Ezzor has changed and its people have their own decision now

Written by D24

It has been years since Daesh was defeated in Deir Ezzor, life in the region has become completely different, people have returned to their normal lives and even returned to practice many rituals that were forbidden during the time of Daesh.

The daily life of people and services has become better than before, schools opened their doors again after Daesh had used them as security headquarters and prisons for its opponents, but today they receive thousands of students from all grades.

Basic services such as bakeries, hospitals and local projects have returned to normal, which changed the lives of people, and the time of Daesh has gone, although its results still exist.

The change in Deir Ezzor was not limited to services, as people have their own decision today, which is evident through the demonstrations they stage on an almost daily basis, expressing their opinions and needs.

Years have passed since Daesh was defeated, and people have the hope now that tomorrow will be better. The defeat of the organization has been a motive for the people to restore the normal life again and spread hope among themselves.